Color Grading

Patrick Desfayes Bio

Patrick Desfayes was born in Vevey, Switzerland and moved to the United States with his family in 1999 after 6 years spent in Mexico. Patrick has been involved with photography since childhood. His passion for visual arts and audio engineering led him to a career in post production for television.

In his field he has become an expert in film processes, color grading, color management, and digital photographic technologies. From the early days of telecine and DaVinci color corrector to the latest digital systems, Patrick has transitioned and evolved into a world of ever increasing manipulation of captured images.

It is with this innovative approach that Patrick gained his reputation as one of the most creative colorist of the East Coast. His commercial work includes many recognizable brands, including: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Publix, McDonald’s, MTV Television, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Hershey’s, Postobon, Polar, Colgate, and Heineken among many more. His knowledge of the Latin American markets and language skills (English, French, Spanish and German) make him a valuable asset of the Thirdeye Design Group since 2013 after successful years with BVI and NewArt Miami.